02 Disember 2011

RM500 cash aid to be paid in January - Petikan TheStar 1 Dis 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: The one-off RM500 cash aid to families earning RM3,000 a month and below will be paid next month, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.
The one-month registration for eligible applicants will begin from Dec 10.
He said free application forms could be obtained from the Federal Development Department and its branch offices, Inland Revenue Board (IRB) service counters and state agencies.
Completed forms should be submitted with a copy of the identity card to the Federal and State Development Department, selected schools or IRB branch offices, he said in a statement yesterday.
The head of the family or household, whether male or female, is eligible to apply for the aid.
These include those who are married, including children who have tied the knot and live with their parents, single mother or father with dependents, individuals who are single but with dependents and senior citizens with no families.
Ahmad Husni said the one-off payment would benefit 5.2 million or 79.5% of total households in the country.
“This assistance involves an allocation of RM2.6bil,” he added.
It is a measure by the Government to reduce the impact of the rising cost of living on the low-income group.
To be eligible, the head of each household must register with the IRB which is entrusted to implement the programme.
This assistance will be distributed through banks and post offices. — Bernama

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